Private Consultation

Fern Baudo Adult Health Nurse Practitioner PC provides Advance Care Planning consultations for private clients.

Private consultations include a three-part conversation.

Session 1: Baudo provides Advance Care Planning facilitation. She explores the client’s values, wishes and choices. Baudo discusses with the client the role of the health care agent, and assists the client in choosing the right health care agent.

Session 2: Includes a meeting with the identified health care agent and alternative health care agent. Baudo facilitates the conversation between the client, the chosen health care agent and alternative health care agent to discuss the client’s choices and explain the health care agent duties.

Session 3: Incorporates a discussion facilitated between client, family, and loved ones so that everyone that potentially may be involved in this person’s care has an understanding of the client’s choices.

Speaking Engagements

Fern Baudo Adult Health Nurse Practitioner PC provides programs for professionals in the community.

Baudo educates private clients on the Advance Care Planning process, assists its private client in gaining a working understanding of life sustaining treatment, dispels the misconceptions in life-sustaining measures, and advocates for clients’ wishes by assisting the client’s surrogates (health care agent and alternative agents, family and loved ones) in understanding the client’s choices in real time. Baudo may be hired by the health care agent and alternative agent to act as a translator during a time where the agents are called to step in to make decisions for the client. Baudo can assist the decision makers in understanding the choices at hand, and assist them in making educated decisions.

Fern Baudo Adult Health Nurse Practitioner PC  is staffed by Nurses. The nurses’ role is to provide education and advocacy on Advance Care Planning. Fern Baudo ANP achieves this goal with public education and private consultations.


Quality Improvement Projects

Fern Baudo, President and founder of Fern Baudo Adult Health Nurse Practitioner PC.  She has completed the Community Conversations facilitator course by Compassion & She has also attained a certificate of completion for the Respecting Choices, First Steps Advance Care Planning facilitator course at Project Grace in Florida.  She has also went on to complete the “train the trainer” for the Advance Care Planning facilitator course.

Fern Baudo is available to provide the requisite training for Advanced Care Planning facilitators.  Fern Baudo can tailor education programs on Advanced Care Planning to your company’s needs.

Baudo has recently written and published her book “If I Only Knew”, a book for everyone on Advanced Care Planning.  The book can be previewed and ordered at